Why Your Friends Don’t Read Comics

& Ranty.

I sometimes work in the Film Industry. I sometimes worked on big movies like Tintin, or Avatar. Meeting new people, this gave me a certain cachet; people would ask if I knew Peter Jackson. I’ve been working fulltime on Moth City for a while, so now when I introduce myself as a webcomic/cartoonist/writer/illustrator/blog-guy… people start with “oh, I used to love comics when I was a kid.”

I used to love Steven Seagal movies when I was a kid. Now I enjoy movies like Adaptation, or True Grit or In Burges. Everybody knows that there are different types of movies, there are kids movies and there are adult movies. There are movies where Chuck Norris takes his top off, and there are movies that don’t even have Chuck Norris in them.

Your friends think that Chuck Norris is in every single comic. Let’s call him Comic-Norris. Sometimes Comic-Norris wears a red cape, sometimes Comic-Norris broods in a cave filled with bats, and sometimes Comic-Norris is a billionaire-inventor-crime-fighter. But whoever Comic-Norris is, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Perhaps the comics industry has done it too itself. Perhaps other industries, which normally just deride the newest competitor to their dominance (the novel, the magazine, the film, television, computer games) have portrayed us all wrong.

But I call bullsh*t.

When was the last time you heard someone snigger when you said you enjoy films?


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  1. Timbo

    This is good stuff and not a super hero Comic Norris in sight. Like the way the frames interact and have simple animation – almost like an animatic. Not a film, not a comic… a web comic. Keep going.