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If you’ve been reading Moth City here, or via the fine HD downloads on Comixology (or my own store) you’re going to sync up this week. The world will probably not come to end, so hold those press releases.

The reason for this cataclysmic event is not only because Season 2 FINISHED here at but the latest digital package/issue  comes out this Wednesday 7th  IS OUT for a mere $1.99 which brings digital readers smack-bang-up-to-date with webcomic folk. It almost sounds like some sort of manager-speak-synchronicity-event.

I even have a release schedule for the remaining four issues below. If I wore I tie I would straighten it with intent at this point.

In case you’re new around here, Moth City is running for four Seasons (which you can read at for free in SD), which breaks down into eight purchasable chunks (in HD, for ‘cheaps’), and tells a heck of a story. If you’re read MC for more than ten minutes you probably get the sense that bad stuff is going to happen and characters are going to be tested. Yup, you’d be right – I’m a nice enough guy to fall in love with all my characters (even the bad ones), but I’m mean enough to put them in nasty situations and keep that page turning.

Season Two has been a lot of fun to play out for you all. Without going into spoilers, I’ve got to play with some violence, family dynamics and explore a lot more of the implications of the Dr. Boyes’ bio-weapon.  Sometimes at the same time.

I hope you’ve been enjoying it. The downloads over at Comixology have been good, Mark Waid name drops it occasionally, we’ve picked up some great reviews and a lot of good feedback, and we’re hoping the Wednesday launch brings us a few more. Fingers crossed – I still have 2,701 other comics to compete with this Wednesday.

Initially, Moth City snuck under the radar for most of the big comic review sites, I think I underestimated the importance of that first issue push, and I didn’t really consider reviews an option until some awesome go-getters  just started posting them up with nary a bribe. Of course now I chase reviews like a dog after cars – wildly, with slobber hanging from my mouth and no pants.

Sometimes I just use twitter, pants optional.

Anyway, if this isn’t the weirdest comic/blog announcement you’ve read this week, I suppose I should get to the release schedule for future MC issues:

#4  Season 2 Part 2:   Weds August 7th
#5  Season 3 Part 1:    Weds October 2nd
#6  Season 3 Part 2:   Weds December 4th
#7  Season 4 Part 1:    Weds February 5th
#8  Season 4 Part 2:   Weds April 2nd

Trying to spot the pattern? Let me help you out, it’s the first Wednesday of every second month.

Not sure you can trust the ol’ brain to remember? Well if you’re on Comixology you can just visit the Moth City page  and hit the green ‘Subscribe to Series’ button and they download them for your automatically when they come out. Accept the future into your heart people.

Also I’m going to post up a tease of the Season 3 cover on Thursday DONE – here’s a hint, it has a lady, and there’s some fire going on…

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