Bonus Vid II: Modeling a Comic Book Character

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Last time you watched me refine Dr. Boyes in Photoshop, this time we’re going to see the 3D Modeling process at approx 1000000000000x the original speed.

I actually spent most of my hours (and educational dollars) siting in a dark lab working on Animation rather than Illustration. There’s a good (drunken story) reason for this, but I won’t go into it here. Suffice it to say that it was my Animation reel and my facial hair that got me into Weta. Then I just worked really long hours and absorbed (read: Steal) everyone’s illustration techniques for a few years before they let me get paid for it.


As you can probably tell, I never really left 3D animation behind, and I often employ it in my illustrative work. I seemed like a good idea to use it for my Moth City comic, which you should be reading (weekly) here. I’m not so sure, but it did mean that I got to relearn rigging 10 times over.




Coming up next time we’re going to purge ourselves of the grey-scale world of Maya, and get to inking and colouring Dr. Boyes. Ahh…. much better.


Don’t forget to check out Moth City’s latest comics at the main page (or just click the MC logo at the top of the page). And if you want to see more of my animation work, you can check out the original launch teaser for Moth City.


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