Bonus Vid I: Creating a Comic Book Character

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Welcome to the first of three short videos showcasing the work that goes into my comic’s visuals. I’ll be emailing you links to these short videos for the next few weeks so you can see all the effort that goes into a weekly update.


This video shows you my normal process for designing a character, but with a slight twist – I redesigned Dr Boyes a looooong time after I finalised the designs for the other characters. One of the main keys in designing a cast of characters like this is allowing them to play off each other while still maintaining a coherent look for the whole world. As I mention in the video, I solve this complex problem with mustaches… I am nothing if not sophisticated.


Coming up next time I will show you the next phase, which impresses everybody but me (very mysterious). In the meantime, you should go to the main page and catch up with this weeks new comics (make sure you’re logged in so the site remembers what page you’re up to), or read the slow road to making Moth City blog series.


If you’re an illustration geek like me, or you wanna learn more about the basics of character design (and see very early concepts for all the other MC characters), you can watch another short character design video here.


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    • Tim

      Yeah, I learnt Maya when I was studying animation. I’m sure there’s a million other ways of doing these things, but that’s the one I know/love/hate.

      That Pinocchio thing looks interesting, kinda like Poser, eh?