Thumbnailing the Hard Way

& Creation, Thrillbent.

Short post this week, as this Monday is the last post of Season 2 pages and I’ll be blogging then too. Meantime, I ramble a bit and post images from my script and thumbing process (some spoilers). It’s weird, possibly inefficient and definitely unique.

A lot has been happening for Moth City at the moment; Season 2 finishes next week, on www.mothcity.com the fourth digital instalment (Season 2 Part 2 of 2) goes live on comixology next Wednesday the 7th (teaser image below), and the Thrillbent monster keeps growing.

The comic has been getting some really great support from you all, we’ve got some really nice reviews from comics bloggers and reviewers, and the downloads on Comixology continue to climb. I can’t speak to the growth of Thrillbent, but you know, it’s not too hard for Mark Waid to get press when he wants it. He partook in the infamous reddit AMA tradition yesterday  and launched a shop on the Thrillbent site. There’s some tidy offerings over there, including some all ages stuff from Aw Yeah that is the complete opposite of MC, so check that out.

Season three is going to be great. There are only four seasons planned, or eight digital issues, and they are all focused on the end goal. There’s no empty issues here people, no fluff. As the executive producer, writer, editor and artist on this thing I don’t wanna waste my drawing time on diversions. Lean baby.

Script page from Moth City Season 2

Working solo is a bit funny sometimes. You often see comic book writers endlessly talking up their artist pals on twitter. I think that serves two purposes – one there’s a heck of a lot of writers trying to break into comics, and you gotta keep those artists sweet if they’re going to commit long hours to a story. And two, it promotes how good their comic is as-a-whole without sounding arrogant, in fact it sounds kinda humble -”boy, the art in this book sure is great, you should buy it for (insert artist)’s art alone.”

Thumbnail/Layout page from Moth City Season 2

Then I think the writer waits for the counter back-scratch from the artist, often not getting it, ‘cause she’s, you know, trying to condense that two line fight scene into a three page sequence in the snow.

And yes, the artist in me resents the sh#t that the writer in me wrote earlier… Stoooopid hack. There’s nothing like being unable to blame things of higher management to ruin your day and make you accountable.

Plus, I don’t get to quit, citing editorial interference, without being the hero and the villain.

Thumbnail/Layout page from Moth City Season 2

2 Final Art Pages from Moth City Season 2 – Stacked.

2 Final Art Pages from Moth City Season 2 – Stacked.

You can download a Hi-res PDF of the above pages to see the process a bit bigger, here

And if you’re interested in how Moth City all got started, or want to see some early character designs, you can begin with the Making Of Series.

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