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& Comic Updates, Thrillbent.

I’ve always loved me some Thrilbent.

Great writers, amazing artwork and design, and a dedication to trying something new with the classic medium of comics. So I’m super excited to tell you that Moth City is back on the weekly schedule, every Friday (US) starting next week with Season 2.

Mr Mark Waid just made the announcement on the TB blog, Moth City and Thrillbent’s Commitment To Free, and in case the title was too subtle, there is a limited time free download offer going on. All of Season 1, all high resolution, all free.

I’m going to be writing a blog at TB next Friday, which I hope you’ll check out. It might be the first time you’ll see weird British spelling there. I might even drop some odd Kiwi colloquialisms. Ghost accent, bro. In honor of this auspicious occasion, and due to my new found <iframe> technical abilities I’m sharing the first installments of three of my favourite TB comics here, using their fancy embed feature.

Numero one is a great example of TB-style horror, a great use of the medium and a perfect balance of mystery and upfront terror. I love this comic, you should too:

The Eighth Seal, Chapter 1
Team: James Tynion IV, Jeremy Rock, Nolan Woodard, Troy Peteri

(just click on the image, or use the arrows to go forward and if you like what you see click on the TB logo bottom right to read in higher res)

Up next is a fresh offering from the Waid, Woodard, Peteri team, but with talented brush of Dennis Culver stepping in on Artwork. Super pro, grabs you from that first panel and moves through a quirky, complete story-of-the-week style story that is timeless:

In the Pi of the Beholder
Team: Mark Waid, Dennis Culver, Nolan Woodard, Troy Peteri


And now for the kind of fun that we remember from childhood cartoon favourites, another fresh series, Mini Comics Included, which really knows how to through down the gauntlet and challenge those ‘dark and gritty’ stories that we’re all become obsessed with. I mean, just look at that title:

Mini Comics Included – Literary Commandos
Team: Steve Seeley, Michael Moreci, Paul Tucker

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