Things Are Heating Up

& Comic Updates.

Thanks for stopping by and having another peak at Moth City. If you’re having to start the comic from the first page every time you should really register at the top of the navigation bar – look for ‘Sign In/Register.’ It’s really a lovely way to read a comic online, and unlocks a bunch of nice features.

I know some of us are worried that websites are going to pass our digital details on to the IRS/CIA/FBI or that weird guy who always looks at you at the supermarket, but that is not the case. You can rest safe (mum) I won’t do any such thing. Heck, I might send you a free HD comic one day…

In this week’s update we have a good look at the Arms Factory that Governor McCaw has set up. You might also be starting to sense that McCaw himself is a little, er ‘off’ which is the way I like my Texan industrialists. Dude’s got issues, but then, what entrepreneur doesn’t.

I should also point out that no moths were harmed in the making of this update. PETA seems to be chasing a few Kiwi creative at the moment and while I could use the press I don’t want to ruin my future chances with Pamela Anderson. Wait, what?

Anyway, if you like this week’s update, wait till you see next weeks, sweet mamma this story is starting to move! Please remember to share the comic, or this blog post, using the provided social buttons. Your friends aren’t going to find this comic themselves!

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