The Season 1 Finale!

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So we’ve done it – the end of Season 1. We’ve had a bit of murder, a side of car-chase, a dish of cool intrigue, a chaser of Daddy issues.

And there’s so much more to come in the story, as the last splash page alludes to. In Season 2, the cast expands, the story deepens and the action increases. There’s a bit of blood (actually more than a bit of blood), some more mystery and splashing of horror.

A big thanks to you, the readers that have discovered Moth City and come back week after week to see the new pages. Big thanks to those who have shared it with their networks of friends, and to those who have reached out to me in the comments or via email and twitter. It all makes the lonely process of creation so much better.

Also a massive thanks to Helen who has helped me tame the semi-colon, Steve who has put together the 300 different elements of a website in a way that doesn’t distract from the content, and Mark for keeping those 300 elements working in an orderly, seamless fashion. Special thanks to my fiancé for listening to me blabber about pageviews and panel layouts and for adding to the support I’ve got from my family.

I had toyed with the idea of breaking between seasons, but guess what, we’re just going to launch straight into Season 2 next week. Make sure you check back for Thursday’s blog post, which will have a teaser of a few choice scenes that are coming up.

Awesome, thanks for coming!


And a special bonus gift is this stunning piece of Moth City fan art by my compatriot, Tom Robinson. I guess it’s really more of a second hand gift, seeing as he did it for me, and now I’m passing it on to you, but hey, we live in an economy of sharing! Ladies and Gentlemen, the  ink stylings of Tom Robinson, followed by the colour hackery of moi.

Dr Boyes by Tom Robinson

What a Ponce I Am

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