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UPDATE: To celebrate Chinese New Year and thank you all your continued support, I convinced Comixology’s big wig to run a 50% off sale on all Moth City titles – meaning you can get any of the comics for just .99c or ALL SIX comics for less than $5. Crazy talk. It’s this weekend only, Saturday and Sunday, Eastern Standard Time.

Tell your friends and share the discount love!

Something is special is coming out this Wednesday, something you don’t see very often in comics, a Western. Or as I have subtitled it, a Western in Black, White & Blood. Everybody’s favourite cowboy, Governor McCaw is in it, in his younger days.

The early reviews are already coming in, and they’re glowing. Here’s some pieces from Paradox Comics Group, Multiversity Comics and Robot 6. And if you wanna learn more about how it all came about Pipedream Comics asked me some pertinent questions via the electronic mail systems, which you can read here.

It’s coming on via Comixology in their stunning HD format, weighs in a more than 150 pages and is only $2.99

Because I was so clueless when Moth City first launched on Comixology I want to make a real impact with this one. And for that I need help – all the reviewers and media have jumped on board with great positivity and feedback, but now I need you fullas to get involved. If you can share the link on facebook, tweet about it or sneakily purchase it on your Grandfather’s iPad without him knowing I’d greatly appreciate it!

Thanks, and I’ll be updating this post with new news regarding the launch and any reviews and press that comes in!


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