Thanks for Coming

& Audience Appreciation.

Welcome… I’ve been expecting you.

Well, some of you anyway (hi Mum). This is exciting, Moth City has been knocking around my skull for longer than I care to think about, but seeing this site up it’s also all so FRESH. Moth City is a comic about control, when we lose it, when we gain it, and when others hold it over us. Publishing it online, sharing it with you, is also me attempting to gain some influence over my own career, my own creations.

That said, the characters you’ll meet here have been controlling my thoughts for a long time. Playing out their lives and their lies, breathing and dreaming within my thoughts. It’s so good to finally be sharing them with you.

I’ve always thought that every creative person is a little insane. To spend countless hours playing with these make-believe people, the people who live in Moth City, in my head, creating their triumphs and failures. I don’t believe that is a normal way to spend an afternoon. I did this for many years without putting anything of it down. Without making any of it ‘real’.

Now that you can meet these characters and share in their plots and intrigues with me I feel a little better.

Does this mean I am capable of doing these imaginary people justice, of giving those lives and deaths meaning? I have no idea, but I hope you’ll stick around for the journey.

Look mum, no hands…

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