Thank God for Bloggers and Books

& Audience Appreciation.

I wanna give a massive thanks to you readers for your support, but today, also to those bloggers, review writers and editors who help you readers find us writers. Below are some of the ones that helped the most!

After some funding support from Creative NZ and a massive amount of work, launched only a short four months ago, but so much has happened since. First we got off to a bang, with a lovely post on Drawn by John Martz, which sends us illustration geeks scrambling around the Internets to consume their latest suggestions.


Then, the venerable Adrian Kinnaird cartoonist and historian, and his From Earth’s End NZ comic blog wrote a thoughtful preview, having had a good peak at MC pre-launch on my ipad. He said very nice that made me blush like this:

“Its a crime/horror series with a highly polished style, reminiscent of the great American adventure artists like Milton Caniff and Alex Toth, with a healthy dash of noir.”



Kokocast, a Brazilian comics site posted a substantial interview that had gems like this:

“Moth City, a webcomic, tem ação, suspense e trâmites políticos característicos de histórias de clima noir.”



The tasman crossing skills of Matt Emery (another great cartoonist) and his Pikitia Press were nice another to give me spot to post my ugly mug, and admit to

“…not getting out a lot.”



Matthew Meylikhov, Editor-In-Chief (such a cool title) of Multiveristy Comics helped me out with a sweet review which said, presumably between chewing on a cigar, or chewing out an intern.

“It’s sharp, it’s brilliantly illustrated and it’s all for free.”

I’ll admit ‘chewing out an intern’ doesn’t sound good. Might be a kiwi colloquialism… perhaps I should prefix things with *allegedly* more. Matthew also writes a cool webcomic called Detective Space Cat which has some of the best cat puns you’ll ever read.



Then fellow-beardey (it’s like a super Boys Club, but with less power or influence) Ben Chabala of I Speak Comics was kind enough to ask me questions as though I would know the answers. Boy, I had to steal stuff from Wikipedia like a 4 year-old steals hankies at a Black Sox game (that doesn’t make sense, and I know nothing about baseball, so don’t bother). In his preamble, he outed me for asking him for the interview, but then said:

“…everyone should be scoping out this webcomic.”

Which I totally agree with.


And then, in clearly the most obvious case of bribing a blogger, genius and lover of defenseless animals Sean Robinson of The Comics Herald pretty much groped Moth City on the street with his piece which claimed :

“Moth City is an evolution of the comic form.”



In the world of paper (shout out to trees!), we got in a few books over the same period.

Which is great, cause I’m pretty sure my Grandma hasn’t figured out how to log-in. First, I was jammed in among a bunch or awesome Kiwi illustrators in Paul Tobin’s White Cloud Worlds (vol 2), then jammed into a book of awesome Kiwi cartoonists in Dylan Horrock’sNew Zealand Comics and Graphic Novels’ before seeing my way into the back of 3 Bad Monkeys first comic anthology, Faction 1. Unfortunately the queue of awesome to get in this book was so long I only managed to get a print in, not an actual comic. But it’s a great book, and I’m sure they’ll be more of them that I can sneak my way into…

Woah, long post… Happy Season 2. Some of you may know that I’m popping over to India for a bit soon, comics and blogs will continue to post regularly, but I will not be as active on the email or the comments. Talk amongst yourselves ;)



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