Six Modern Comics Artists I Heart

& Bookclub.

I’m always interested in hearing which artists other artists like, so here are six of my modern-day favourites. If you’re not following these people online or buying their fine wares at your local comic book shop you’d best get on it. Here they are in no particular order:


Becky Cloonan
Awesome distinct style, great inks, great colours. Crisp industry work and moody personal stuff. Is apparently into vikings. 


Chris Samnee
His sketch commissions look like they somehow take 20 minutes and 20 years and I hate him for it. Doing sexy stuff with Mr Waid over on Daredevil, right now. Jump on board.


Juan Doe
One of the most original people in the field. The guy is always pushing what he’s doing and how he’s doing it. Does great covers, but also the occasional interior art. I want more. 


Rufus Dayglo

Has that indie energy that we need to see more of. Dude’s got a great eye for expression and body language and a hip aesthetic to dress it all in.


David Aja
Is doing some very interesting stuff in mainstream title Hawkeye. He’s pushing some boundaries and the Wednesday comic crowd is loving him for it.


Fiona Staples
If you read my blog you know that I love Saga. But boy, Staples does so much more, be sure to check out her tumblr and look at that range.

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