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& Pros Interrupted Interview.

Having your own comic is great, you get to draw all day, using twitter is considered ‘networking’ and you get to bond with heroes over the medium’s trials and tribulations. There seem to be 50 billion webcomics out there (here’s mine), but there’s only a few that every reader has heard of. One of those is PvPOnline by Scott Kurtz. And I got to chat to him (interview bellow) about comics, D&D and launching his new comic Table Titans.

Kurtz is often cited as a controversial figure in strip comics, from disagreements with the syndicated cartoonists, entire cartoonist societies and sometimes just the internet in general. His opponents might politely call him outspoken.

And outspoken he is, but as a long time student of the Webcomics Weekly crew (Kris Straub, Brad Guigar, Dave Kellett and Kurtz) I’ve come to know him as a sensitive, thoughtful man who wears his heart and his opinions on his sleeve.  There is no cynicism behind Kurtz’s thoughts – they’re not thrown into the internets as link-bait or in an attempt to court controversy or get page views. You get what he thinks, when he thinks it because that’s just who he is.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about Kurtz is that in an industry of creators who have jobs and careers to protect he is unafraid to speak his mind, even when his thoughts don’t align with the current industry mood.

Would he be a terrible politician? Absolutely. Is he one of the most genuine, honest and creative people in comics? Definitely.

The following interview took place at the end of a broader Ménage à Skype that I had with both Kurtz and renowned comics writer Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Daredevil, thrillbent.com). It was an epic chat, which will be released at a later date. Spoilers: those two are dynamite together. I had pages of questions, I asked the first one then sat back.

For now, here’s the chat between me (a fan and fellow comic creator) and Scott Kurtz who was kind enough to spare some time to answer some questions about his recently launched webcomic Table Titans (link), PvP Online (link) and being a comics creator/ entrepreneur.

We discuss:
Table Titans as a spin off from his successful PvP webcomic.
His marketing partnership with Dungeons & Dragons and Wizards of the Coast.
Stunt casting Drizzt and Tannis Half-elven.
The original launch of PVP and Penny Arcade
Trying something new as a creator.
Slow growth vs big launch
Image Comics
The Webcomics Weekly model, advertising and social media.

And here’s the Sound Cloud audio only version.

I hope you enjoyed it, there’s more goodies to come in the extended three-way chat, subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow me @Tim__Gibson on Twitter for updates and release details.

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