Rivals and Resolutions

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People all over the globe are writing lists. “What do I need to get under control’ lists. Sometime its ambitions that move us forward (career), sometimes it’s stopping and retrieving baggage that fell by the wayside (weight).

I figured out something this year. Don’t tell people. Not till you’ve made some progress yourself. No one needs eyes on them during their first faltering step towards their goals. I’m running my first half marathon in February. I didn’t tell anybody till I’d already trained for 3 weeks. I’m only telling you now after about 6 weeks.  I know now that if I put in the hard work, I can do it. I am confident enough; I have conducted enough small tests that I can withstand the arched-eyebrows of family and frenemies alike.

It was like that with this graphic novel you’ve been reading too. If I had put out the first drawings, the first experiments, before they were ready I would have (rightly) got negative feedback, and at that point it might have broken me.

Does that mean that I hide everything away until I’m 100% sure it’ll work. Hell no. Look around. If you readers point out something to me that opens my eyes on an issue (whether story or spelling) I’ll look into it. I think writing can be a bit like a start-up company; release, get feedback, reiterate, re-release, get feedback, reiterate.

That means I’m also going to go on a few runs with some proper runners soon. I’m going to ask them questions, get them to check my form, and I’m going to learn from them, but only because I’m confident enough now to ask them. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting up some resolutions and ambitions for Moth City, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on them too.

And like I said, it’s the first you’re hearing about some of them, but rest assured, I’ve been planning some of them for months.

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