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Sometimes writing a blog once a week just isn’t enough… Take this week for instance, swiftly after doddling up some double-fan-art of my own, I realised that A) I have a whole bunch of reviewers and bloggers to thank for their recent kind words and B) I am attending the Wellington Armageddon Pulp Expo (in my hometown). If you stick around till B you get to see the my fancy-pancy screen-print that I’m selling there.

Or just scroll down, you know, using the internets.

First up, is the letter A, for Appreciation.

David Harper and the trusty Matthew Meylikhov were quick off the mark and caught our announcement and ran with it, telling you all to “get excited!” – they even published our lovely poster, coloured ‘announcement orange,’ which you can see here if you missed it.

Leo Johnson and (gotta love URLs nowadays), published a preview and a great interview where I delve into the future, and the past, of Moth City and how it all came to pass. (simply known as ‘The Beat’ to it’s fans) pointed out the fact that you can even embed Moth City in your own sites/blogs/tumblrs using Thrillbents technology. That’s right, it’s youtube for comics. Oh, and they described MC as a “moody thriller” which sounds like a way to describe a bad date, or a good comic. gave the first comixology issue a ‘Must Read’ verdict, which is very kind of them and states that Moth City “takes the possibilities of digital comics and runs away with it, weaving an engrossing and suspenseful mystery that fully utilizes the possibility of an ecomic.” What a lovely website, clearly a bastion of good taste and fine writing.

Alex Thomas and gave the same issue a 5 star review, and drop compliment bombs like this “Moth City is the perfect synthesis of print visuals and digital story telling” and then did a follow up interview where I finally get to use the word ‘gestation’. Yussssss.

We got a great 8/10 review over at PCB in their digital comics roundup, thanks guys!

And Sean Robinson, a fellow Kiwi that I had the pleasure of meeting recently, gave us another completely unbiased (or partriotic) shout out on

Bearded podcast superstar Jason Tabrys covered MC’s journey to Thrillbent with this quote “My mind was pretty close to blown after I read the first part of the first season of Tim Gibson’s Moth City on comixology” on We also did an interview where he encouraged me to rant on topics ranging from violence and media to Ray Harryhausen. I’ll let you know when you can read and belittle my opinions when that’s released. (again, another great URL) by way of Clay N Ferno, did a highlight of comixology’s submit comics and labeled Moth City “Highly Recommended” which was right-good-of-them.

And if you wanna catch up with thrillbent’s other offerings, Glenn Hauman over at does a great summary of them all over here.

Phew… thanks all you bloggers and reviews and interviewers, you made my month! Comics readers might not realise just how much a ‘thing of passion’ comics journalism is. Much like producing comics, it is a business that is is about passion rather than pay, and they’re an integral part of the comics eco-system.

Now, B – Wellington Armageddon Expo, it’s on this weekend (that’s Queen’s Birthday to you Kiwis), and I’m going to be sharing a table with some talented friends of mine, down by the café. It’s in the Westpac Trust Stadium this year, so the directions are 1) walk in and 2) keep walking till you find me.

I have some nice goodies ranging in price from free, to cheap, and goods from digital comics to digital prints, to hand-printed screen prints (fancy paper, fancy ink, locally made with fancy hands) like this:


I’d love to see you there!

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