Resolutions Two

& Ranty.

Last week I mentioned how I wanted to entertain, surprise and disgust more readers.

One of the best ways of doing that of course is advertising. The second way is bribery. I’m not sure which one is dirtier, but I know which one is cheaper…

So this year I’ll be releasing a free mini comic to all Moth City Members who are signed up to the mailing list. I features one of my favourite Moth City characters in a backstory that has only three colours, black, white and blood.

[Click for larger image]

I also want to connect with you my current readers more, whether it’s with you people lucky enough to live in lovely New Zealand, or through the magic of comments, facebook twitter or email. Trust me, I get a real kick out of it. I’ll probably drop you into conversation at my next party:

“One of my fans said something very interesting the other day… yes that’s right, faaaaaannnssssss.”

Then I’ll probably retrieve the print-out of your insightful comment and proceed to force everybody there to read it.

At some point Moth City needs to be financially sustainable, to keep the comics coming, but for now what it needs is a critical mass, and that relies on only two things; me and you. So thank you if you’re one of those people who like to share a good thing with friends, every bit counts.

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