Resolutions One

& Comic Updates, Creation.

My overarching ambition this year is to get more readers, to get the word spread, to infect the internet (in the nicest possible way) with my story. And I’m hoping a combination of FREE and YOU is going to get me there. So here’s what I’m going to be releasing to the world this year.

More Stories. There is a heap of Moth City to come, a lot of it written, planned and painted in advance. I’m going to keep posting work here for you, free, till this story is done. And yes, there is an arc, it’s all going somewhere, and I know where that is. Alliances will be made and broken, bonds will be tested, you’re going to grow to love some characters, and revile others. Shit is going to go down.

More Pixels. There’s going to be a way for you avid readers to read Moth City in HD. I’ve already got a lot of emails asking for ways to read Moth City in different formats. Don’t worry, me and the internet are on to it. I’ll flick newsletter subscribers a sneak preview once things are closer.

More Behind the Scenes. I’d love to show you all more of the work that goes into Moth City. One, because it’s interesting; Two because people have asked for it; and Three because comics take forever to make as a one man band and I really want you to know that. Feel my pain, people.

More Surprises. I think digital comics have so many ways they can enhance storytelling. I’ve come up with a bunch of little techniques that I think you’ll like. There is something about the ownership of the ‘clicker’ as opposed to the passive reader. You made that worker slit Dr. Boyes throat, you set into motion the car chase,  and the fumbling actions of ‘Officer Hapless’ that made things go Boom. I can’t wait to see what I make you do next. I’ll give you a clue, it involves action, suspense and horror.

Next blog post I’ll divulge more of my plans, as well as an image from a little side project that I’ve been working on, and how you’ll be able to get it.

Also if you missed my holiday webcomic reading recommendations you can find them in the Holidays for the Hard Up post, and if you want to know why I shouldn’t even be telling your my resolutions you can find me being a hypocrite here in my Rivals and Resolutions Post.

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