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Armageddon Wellington was great fun, I met some lovely locals, some talented artists and Gail Simone (nice).

I also went to a strange drinkies thing where they had some Dr Who doctors, a large fellow from Game of Thrones and some Dwarves. It was weird because there were also fans who had paid to ‘hang out’ with their heroes. Weird in that everybody you were talking to was constantly looking over your shoulder waiting for the right time to ponce on someone famous. I wasn’t so much partaking in discussions, as I was in other people’s holding-patterns.

Here’s me at the con surrounded by my wares…

In other news, next Wednesday the third issue of Moth City (confusingly titled ‘Season 2 Part 1′) goes live on Comixology. From here on out they will be released the first Wednesday of every second month, and I will release my own PDFs to match. The issue reveals more of Glitter’s machinations, as well as lifting the curtain on the underground communist movement that’s on the island. Oh, and it has fight scenes done the ‘Digital Comics Way.’ (Previews below the fold)

I’m hoping you read ‘Digital Comics Way’ in Stan Lee’s voice. If you don’t know who Stan Lee is, that’s cool, he’s just some guy I know with a time machine who copies all my ideas and then implements them into mid-century Marvel comics.

Here are some hi-res images from the upcoming Comixology release – click to enlarge

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