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So if you were wondering how I convinced Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Daredevil, Irredeemable) to swear over the first issue of Moth City all is revealed. A fellow digital comics creator (who shall remain nameless lest countless emails flow in their direction) forwarded a PDF of Moth City to him telling him he needed to read it now.

He responded with nice comments almost immediately. It took a little longer to get him to drop an F-Bomb but it was all worthwhile (Note if you leave me alone with anyone for long enough I will be able to get them to do such, it’s a kiwi skill).

So now Moth City has two online homes, here on Moth City and starting today on It will start from the beginning of Season 1, and have releases every Tuesday.

I’m super happy about it. Not just because it puts me alongside a fantastic and humbling bunch of thrillbent creators, but because it gives me the opportunity to introduce new readers to my stories. Welcome, welcome, there’s lots of room around the fire.

And what does this mean for you readers who have stuck with me so far? We’re going to keep trucking with our current schedule at this end, groups of pages going up every Monday (US) and blogs every Wednesday, I’ll keep posting the occasional video, you’ll still be able to download comics from my store, as well as via comixology, and people who sign up here will still receive a free copy of The Reservoir comic if they sign up to my newsletter via this site. So, everything you like about will continues as you like it.

Wicked, thanks everybody. I wouldn’t be in this position without your help, readership and support.


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