Moth City Issue 5 is out!

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Hey, Season 3 Part one (the fifth packaged release) is out today. Like nowsies. Oh, and it comes with music (sort of, keep reading). UPDATE: Reviews below.

As always you can grab it here from Comixology, or in HD DRM-Free PDF format from me here. Just a mere dollar ninety-nine of American money, as always.

Season 3 is one of my favourites, it sets up so much good stuff for the Season 4 finale, but also has a lot of big moments in it. We know these characters now, we see where they fit in the world and what they’re trying to escape from, so we feel their plight more. Plus you know, I totally take advantage of that in the meanest way an author can.

So what have we got in there? Let’s run down the list.

Assault and battery – check.

Morgue humour – check.

Something going ‘BLAM’ – check.

Some odd dialogue exchanges between everybody’s favourite odd-couples, Jun & Shuang, and McCaw & Dr. Xing – check.

Sounds like a Moth City book for me.

I’m going to update this post as reviews come out, but meantime (if you have a Spotify account) you can listen to my Moth City Playlist that I made. Perhaps have a read of issue 5 while you listen.

Here’s an early review by Leo Johnson over at Nerdspan “ The gore in the story has never looked better, and with the way things are turning out, there is likely to be much more of it… Moth City is, hands down, one of the best digital comics around. It’s well-written, beautifully drawn, and constantly surprises.”

More reviews out by Screen Invasion, The Weekly Crisis, Forces of Geek and Paradox Comics Group.

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