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UPDATE: I’m away for NZ summer holiday, so the next comic update will be happening on the Monday the 13th of January. Meantime, have a read of the lovely reviews below (new additions from Destroy the Cyborg and Screen Invasion just added) and enjoy your own vacations!

Moth City’s sixth issue has been out almost a week (buy it here), and it is already picking up some great feedback and reviews. As is my wont, I‘ll highlight my favourite quotes below and point you in the direction of those that worded them.

The industry quote inside #6 is the talented Ben Stenbeck, who does a lot of great work for Dark Horse comics, such as the Baltimore series written by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. He’s mad talented, and having have a beer with him after Chromacon, an all-together decent human being.

Destroy the Cyborg comes back for more with their review by Xander Riggs (*sweet* name, possibly a pen name?!)

 ”The Story: is one of power, selflessness, anger, oppression, freedom, and… everything.  As many themes as it has, the series has a likewise number of genres. “


And in an attempt to take on Xander’s name, sometime in the past someone decided to name their man-child Arlo, who wrote a sweet review over at ScreenInvasion, wherein he said:

“What impresses me the most about the series, though, is how Gibson constantly finds new ways to implement the unique opportunities digital affords… There’s some exciting hand-to-hand combat, not to mention a hail of bullets, but the most effective things Gibson does with the in-panel “animation” are also the quietest. A queasy sequence featuring Governor McCaw at his very worst is the best example.


Next up a brief quote from a first time reviewer of MC – megasite Newsarama.

“Highly Recommend”

Now if that review seems powerfully succinct, but you like a bit more to chew on in your reviews, then you can read the same reviewer’s (the marvelously furry Rob McMonigal) more verbose review of the previous issue on his personal site, Panel Patter here.

Another new site, this time 13th Dimension brings Moth City into the fold via the penmanship and probing questions of Clay N Ferno. He asks the hard questions, world peace, trigonometry and whether I can fit any more genres in Moth City.

“genre spanning… instinctual approach to digital-native comics”

The only man in comics without a twitter account, Dan Pennacchia (who totally has a twitter account) gave MC 4/5 Stars and a healthy dose of ‘warm fuzzies’ over at All-Comic in his review. It’s worth a read, as he’s new to the series and while he obviously enjoyed it, issue 6 also goes somewhere pretty dark. He manages to thoroughly recommend it without coming off like a man who enjoys tearing the wings off moths, or condoning the actions Governor McCaw. Props.

“Masterful… It is unrelentingly fatalistic and as each conflict converges, readers will be desperate for a conclusion; though it is likely they will experience it through the cracks between their fingers – 4 STARS”


Top man Hugh Armitage dragged Digital Spy out of review retirement for his thoughts on Moth City 6, and even though he professes some flesh-eating apathy, he still reckons MC is

“one of the finest examples of digital storytelling”

One of the funnier reviews (of any comic) that I’ve read recently is by Jude Terror‘s over at The Outhouse. He takes the time to applaud the comic, while also acknowledging that I’m a persistent bugger. The flaw in his plan though, is that now I know The Outhouse likes my comic I’m going to pester them even more! Here’s what he had to say about the way MC pulls you in, panel by panel and genre by genre.

“without even realizing, you’ve not only accepted zombie kung fu as a plausible thing, you can’t wait for more of it…  dark, gritty, and ugly (in a good way)”


The Girls Like Comics crew put Moth City under the lens and Alice Vernon decides it’s:

“Gloriously dramatic.”

Alice reviewed issue 5 a few weeks back and had a few qualms about my characters of the female variety. I did what you’ve never supposed to do and got in touch with her (I know, but bear with me, it’s going to be ok). I laid out some of my reasons for putting some characters in the situations that they were in, that they all had places to go, but that they needed to have a full arc to get there and to wait and see what happens. I then defended my right to be absolutely horrible to any of my characters and kill them off at a whim just so Alice wouldn’t know what was coming next – tee he he.

The Weekly Crisis steps back up to the plate and takes on MC6 via Nevin P. Jones. Issue 6 is definitely a low point for McCaw, and The Weekly Crisis isn’t shy about calling him out as a downright detestable human being. Just as an aside, I always hope that people detest McCaw as much as I do, but still grin at some of his off-colour humor. Anywho, go check out their review, they describe MC as

“A pulpy-political-sci-fi-horror-action comic that demands to be read and continues to surprise with each issue.”


Comics Bulletin and Daniel Elkin compare and contrast Moth City with its bizarreo-land comic cousin, ‘Xeno Trip’ in this Digital Ash review. They generously gave it a 4 Star review and delve into the savagery of the latest issue, asking if single-mindedness and obsession is what it takes to survive in Moth City. Like the rest of you, Daniel will have to wait and see, but in the meantime he says Moth City

“had me choking as it wrapped its fingers across my throat – 4 STARS”


The charming David Gillette put aside part of his blog to write up the latest issue, paying special attention to the story as a whole and the structure the story. A writer himself, it is interesting to see what David focuses on, summing up Moth City as

“an island-sized house of horrors.”

Long term supporters of MC and lovers of fine comics, Leo Johnson & Nerdspan put the latest issue under the microscope here. Presumably with a site called NerdSpan, that microscope is a large technical apparatus (much larger than your run-of-the-mill microscope) that uses Steve Urkel’s coke bottle lens in-place of lameo magnifying lenses. I always look forward to their reviews, because Leo and Nerdspan have watched the story evolve and shift direction without the expectation that comes from arriving late to the party, saying Moth City has

“a story that’s changed dramatically since the first page”


And lastly a special shout out goes to my mates at the Paperkeg Podcast #129, whose least favourite member, Jonsey looked to the sky and summed up the series as

“This amazing genre bending thriller reaches a fever pitch of Kung Fu. Please understand that this comic gets my highest possible recommendation for a guided view book”


If you don’t listen to these guys you should start; three likable dudes talking about comics they like. I like them, you might too. #timalsolovesbeersealofapproval

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