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Wowzers. The past week has been so much fun that I’m dropping Zs next to Wows like some sort of 90s sitcom character. What would make me exclaim in such a stupid way? Well, just read on and check out the lovely things that people are saying about the fresh issue that just came out – Moth City #4. The following reviews and exclamations in no particular order – Gosh. My, my… Wowzers.

“Moth City is a smart, ambitious, genre-bending series that constantly surprises, makes brilliant use of technology to aid storytelling, and marks Gibson out as a ferocious new talent on the scene with ideas to spare. 9/10 - PCG

This generous review by Matt C from Paradox Comic Group is great. Matt is a master of the issue summary. Seriously. This guy sums up my work better than I do. He should either be writing PR for the big two, or slicking back his hair and selling us Jaguars Madmen-style. I haven’t got nine out of ten for something since my school project on Visual Effects at the age of ten.

 “Gibson sets a frenetic pace in this installment of Moth City that doesn’t let up, even as the climax hits its mark. 4.5/5 – Excellent –

David Gillette read all four issues of Moth City in one sitting like someone was holding a gun to his head. During this experience he found the the inner weirdo I’ve instilled in all my characters, calling them quirky, riveting and conniving in this fine review at He then followed it up with an interview wherein I admitted that I only made comics so I could buy booze, and I got to use my why-so-serious Black & White author mug shot.

Warning: object may be less photoshop’d than it appears.


“Moth City” is arguably the most important digital comic being published right now. 8.5/10” - Mulitversity Comics

Long time lover of Moth City, Mulitversity Comics did their first review of an issue, thanks to James Johnston. I love this review for a few reasons; one is that he uses the word ‘doohickey’ like a boss, and two, the quote above is crazy enough that I might just print it on a t-shirt and sleep in it every night.  And if I ever met this James Johnston (who doesn’t seem to exist on twitter, if he’s even real), I might just gift the shirt to him in thanks, night-terror-sweats and all. If that sounds weird, well, it’s er, a New Zealand custom or something.


“Moth City  may be the most original and well-done digital comic out there, and that’s saying something” - Nerdspan

So says Mississippi resident and Biology major, Leo Johnson in his Nerdspan review. That seems a big call, even to me, but he is an avid comic reader and podcaster. Dude’s got geek credentials and a fine sense of humor, heck even the website has ‘nerd’ in the title, so you know it’s kosher. Or he’s wrong and Moth City is terrible… nahhhhh



“A quality book with  a strong premise and an unusual setting that doesn’t need the technological gimmick to make it interesting” - Mental Floss

Design and illustration aficionado Rich Barrett included Moth City #4 in Metal Floss’s top five comic releases of the week, along with Superstar comics by Jeff Lemire, XKCD and some character called Robopoilceman or something. I was pretty smug about this, then I saw that Mental Floss had 330K + twitter followers and I went and bought a jet.

Then social-media reality set in, and I returned the jet to Peter Jackson, plus interest.


“…if you’re going to do a comic with car chases, bio weapons, shoot outs, hurried romance and underground plots, you may as well put a bow tie on it” – Me @ Robot 6

That’s actually a quote from me in a conversation with I had with Tim O’Shea and Robot 6, one of the first sites to notice little ol’ Moth City before the first issue was even out. Dude asked some tough questions about poetry, kung fu and Creative New Zealand. Creative New Zealand now has a Tag on CBR, which in itself is RAD.



Unfamiliar with Moth City? Shame on you” - Nerdbastards

Nerdbastards and all-round BastardCasters Jeremy Hudson and Jason Tabrys did an audio interview wherein they tried to get all the George Miller Justice League secrets out of me, then forgot and instead allowed me to name drop Mark Waid by dropping the ‘Waid’ all #firstNameBasis and such. Jeremy is now my town-crier, room introducer and remind-my-family-how-awesome-I-am guy. He will be paid in out-of-date Wellywood film gossip and pineapple lumps.

They also posted my interview below a thumbnail of what appears to be a Captain America vibrator. Hey Massey University, I’ve made it!


“His script is smartly written …  both incredibly modern and slick but also classic and timeless” – Pipedream Comics

Alex Thomas at Pipedream, purveyors of the Digital Comic kind, included MC #4 in their weekly must reads, along with wet-your-pants famous turns by Brain K Vaughan, Joshua Hale Failkov and Joshua Williamson. It’s worth noting that I made that list without using an extra initial, or changing my name to Joshua. Though Tim N Gibson does has a ring to it doesn’t it?


“a cliffhanger I honestly wasn’t expecting… If you want a great mish-mash of genre and a strong case for the digital comic, check it out” – Comics Herald

Sean Robinson over at The Comics Herald continues their coverage of the series, greeting it like an old friend. He drops the Z word, amongst his list of the genres that Moth City covers. SEO gurus would think that the Comics Herald was trying to attract google searches from the Grindhouse 2 production team, but no, that’s my fault.



“Issue 4 is the most surprising issue yet. As the progression of each panel continues, a new bombshell awaits. I cannot praise Gibson’s work enough” - Weekly Crisis

Nevin P Jones (see what I mean about that Middle initial – hot) finds a spot for MC in this Weekly Crisis review. Like many readers, he’s taken a shine to Jun, after a particularly violent scene, and with good reason, Jun is one of my favourite characters too, and was originally the main character of the MC story before I widened the scope. Nevin succinctly summed up MC #3 by expressing the events as a worst-day-ever kind of event for Governor McCaw. Well Nevin, McCaw’s day just went to 11, and I’m glad you like to watch a bastard suffer as much as I do.


If you wrote a review, or found a review, let me know at my personal twitter, Tim__Gibson

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