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If you’ve picked up that latest issue of MC you’ll know that the creator quote for the issue says “”Moth City is the most breathtaking work I’ve read this year. Sheer and utter brilliance on every level.” – Joshua Hale Fialkov  (The Bunker, The Ultimates, I, Vampire). Pretty sweet, huh?

What you won’t know is that, besides his successful big comic work Fialkov also wrote an independent digital comic back in the day called Tumor.

Tumor was the first comic I bought on my lil’ black and white kindle and made me think seriously about digital comics. Without Tumor, there just might not be a Moth City. So thanks Josh, twice over.

Other nice people have said nice things about Moth City this past week, and I’m going to quote them below. I don’t make them say these things, but I’m glad that they do. Hence begins the review round up of the just released Moth City issue 5.

Arlo J Wiley of Screen Invasion jumped on board and reviewed all five issues of Moth City. Guy must’ve had some sore fingers after all those clicks. And he read it twice, claiming he was glad he did, as “plot elements which mystified me at the beginning made perfect sense the second time through.” He went on to say:

“Telling an intelligent story which capably employs a number of genres is nothing to sneeze at. Doing all that while also offering one of the best examples of digital comics as a medium unto itself? Well, that’s just the cherry on top. 4 STARS”

Nevin P Jones owner of the most enthusiastic stunned-flash-face photo twitter has seen this year, writes this for The weekly Crisis:

“Phenomenal work in every category…This issue is McCaw’s best showing…  His drunken state also leads to my favorite panel of this issue involving a jar full of blood. It’s a brilliant moment ending in genuine surprise for the characters and us readers.”

Nevin, mate, just wait for issue 6, McCaw goes places were readers will fear to follow. I expect a new twitter photo-face of horror.

My man Leo Johnson o’ Nerdspan writes up an awesome review where he describes the violent pulpy elements of Moth City as ‘exquisite’ which almost makes me think I should be on the shortlist for the Booker. Someone should get on that… where are my interns?

“As the story of Moth City has grown, Gibson has taken it from a more character-driven sort of political book into what is now turning into an action/horror book. The shift seemed more than natural and has been done in such an exquisite way. The story continues to get better, adding depth to the characters, mixing in a bit of humor, and making the situation on the island more and more tense… Moth City is, hands down, one of the best digital comics around.”

Clay N Ferno describes Moth City’s art as silky wet brush strokes and cerulean and orange hues for Forces of Geek in his review. Don’t feel bad if you have to look up ‘cerulean’ – I did, and I studied colour theory.  He writes:

“Tim Gibson (along with his developers and designers) have fully explored and taken advantage of the digital medium, adding cinematic faux-animation to the book… Start at the beginning and see the future of digital comics”

Matt Clark writes a succinct review using fancy words like ‘titular’ and ‘zombie’ for Paradox Comics Group. He says such nice things I now put him aside my Grandmother in ‘People I Don’t Want to Disappoint.’

“There’s an intensity to the art work that amplifies the perilous situation unfolding, cleverly paced by the panel transitions, with Gibson playing with ideas on a grander scale than the elements might suggest if taken separately. Not just one of the most impressive digi-comics of the year, but one of the most impressive comics of the year, full stop. 9/10”


Cory Ringdahl over at Destroy The Cyborg writes that he wants to rush ahead to the “tragic  fate and grim comeuppance” that he sees on the horizon. Sicko… Unfortunately he’ll have to wait, but in the meantime he says:

My admiration for writer/illustrator Tim Gibson as a character designer is only tempered by my knowledge of how much actual design work he’s done (a lot). I’ve said it before: none of his characters feel like throw-aways, even if they’re only around for three gruesome panels. They’re always unique, and without waste; personality is conveyed in how they look and move, and what they do. This extends to his art in general, and many of the artistic choices made.


Tall local fellow, Sean Robinson gets all excited over the grimy, gory and pulpy horror turns that the series is taking in his review at Comics Herald with an eye for the imminent disasters on the horizon:

“This issue twists the doomsday clock that much closer to midnight, blending pulp zombie fiction and family drama in a way that teases a tipping point so exciting, that readers sticking to the Comixology releases are going to have a hard time waiting.”


In other news I’ll be heading up to the Auckland Armageddon Expo this in a few weeks (starts 25th October) where I’ll have some new download cards, prints and limited edition screen prints, all at special Con prices. And in case you missed it, I had a long-ranging chat to two of my favourite potty mouthed podcasters, David and Austin of Hideous Energy. You can listen to that here, though I recommend subscribing to them in itunes too, if you want a humorous weekly comics podcast to keep you company.

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