Holidays for the Hard-Up

& Bookclub, Ranty.

Welcome to the holiday hangover. The Commercial Come-down. Hopefully by now you have tidied away all that wrapping paper, those plastic nic-naks and the vast quantities of food and can get down to relaxing.

At this time of year I normally go into a sort of high-street hibernation. The thought of entering a shop with anything priced over $70 terrifies me. Even people giving me gifts freaks me out. I can’t help but try and guess how much it cost. Not because that infers some sort of value to our relationship, but just because that’s the mode of December round here.

Give me a jar of homemade chutney, however and we’ll be friends for life. In New Zealand most people live a cash-rich, time-poor life, so the action of creating something in your spare time to give as a gift is amazing. Much easier to just wander down and grab something made by that big company, sold in that big store.

Of course we all gotta buy that stuff sometimes. Even Hippies smoke corporate cigarettes and my grandma isn’t going to be making me an xbox game for xmas.

But, January is a great time to snuggle up and read a good comic or book, spend time with family and friends and enjoy a few meals at home. If you’re looking for some quality reading, check out my book club post here. Or, if you think you’ll be online and want some great webcomics to read I can heartily recommend the following.

The Wormworld Saga slowly draws you into a beautiful world of fantasy from the perspective of a young adventurous boy.

Space Mullet – a Space-Trucker Sci-Fi (probably not a real genre) with an enticing marine-with-a-past and a plot that draws you in from the first pages.

ReMind  - one of the grandfathers of long-form webcomics, ReMind has talking cats, Lizard men and a tool wielding heroine.
Enjoy your holidays!

P.S. There will be a blog up on Wednesday the 2nd, and comics are back up on the 7th of January.

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