& Comic Updates, HD.

Some very interesting stuff has been happening over the last few months.

It’s good news for you, and it’s also good news for me.  You’ll be able to read Moth City in glorious HD and read a bit of bonus waffle from me for ridiculously good price, and I’ll be able to take all those multiples of good prices and invest them is something like Moth City Limited Edition screen prints or beer (in no particular order).

Will you still be able to read MC for free? Of course (just keep checking www.mothcity.com). Do also I need a new pair of Air Jordans? Yeah. Can these things co-exist? I hope so. Note: Substitute ‘Air Jordans’ for your own worthy cause (website hosting, food, medicine).

Even more exciting than penicillin, though? HD MC… Yeah I said it, this resolution is awesome. Here’s a little comparison of the difference.



The artist in me loves to be able to present Moth City like this, all f&#king big and stuff. Loves it. And actually, the art is not HD, it’s bigger than HD at 2047 x 1536 (your Full HD tv or monitor is only 1920 x 1080)

These HD+ options will be rolling out over the next little while, so keep an eye out on the Facebook page or the twitter feed for instant updates about such things. Meantime, you keep reading and I’ll keep posting.



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