Guest Post Over on Thrillbent

& Thrillbent.

Something special for this week’s blog post, a good ol’ fashioned switcharoo. This week it’s all happening at Thrillbent, and here it is: Digital – the Time is Now by yours truly.

I express my love of books, my distaste of trees and discus the Marketing 101 mistakes I’ve made with Moth City, you’d like it. Click the link above, yo.

Also (holy $h!t) I’m on Newsarama talking about MC and Thrillbent with Mr Waid, which you can read here> WETA Alum’s MOTH CITY Mixes Game of Thrones with Chinatown & Kung Fu.


That’ll be all for this week, don’t forget that MC Season 2 is starting on Thrillbent, so if you’re into what they’re doing, make sure you check it out, and some picks of the bunch from last week.

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