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& Appearances, Audience Appreciation.


I’m sitting here with a gross-out running nose, and a pretty stuffy head, but I’m satisfied. I haven’t even started on the Flu-drugs, and I’m happy ‘cause while this may look like a solo venture you’ve all been giving me great support.

You readers have been brilliant, whether that’s letting your friends know that you’re enjoying MC, dropping me a nice email or even mentioning that you’re enjoying it in person. I know, in person – old school.

Even industry folk have helped out; supplying those great quotes for the front of the issues, offering advice over the phone or even referrals to more fine folk.

A lot of great artists have even been giving me some fine MC Guest Artwork to add to the back of the issues, and a lot of writers have been helping out with editing and story advice. Most of these people I feel inferior to, so for them to be helping me is pretty rad.

And the website… Man, I never would have been able to make this website as awesome as it is if it was me stumbling around WordPress alone. Jeepers, you people are awesome.

I think a lot of this collective effort has made the ‘Moth City package’ what it is. It’s what helps me get good reviews, and gives me my credibility as a debut creator. These reviewers shouldn’t be answering my emails, they shouldn’t be giving us such glowing reviews. But you know, Moth City looks polished, it looks professional and you can tell that it has support, because how the hell else could it look so fine!

So yeah – wicked. I can’t imagine what Moth City would be like without you all. Not as good, and definitely not as widely read. Thanks everyone, we’re over halfway through this little adventure, lets end with a bang!


POST SCRIPT: If you live in Auckland, I’ll be attending the Armageddon Expo this Labour Weekend (all weekend) and have a table with the international comic guests. If you feel like that’s fraudulent I’ll give you my best Irish/New York Taxi Driver/Russian Spy accent. Come say Привет.

Me and few other NZ comics folks will also be doing the NZ Comics panel (funnily enough) and I even convinced some certain somebodies to give everybody who comes to Armageddon some free digital download surprises. Yes, *everybody* – like tens of thousands everybodies. Fantastic.

You can always reach out to me via Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter accounts. Unlike certain MC characters, I don’t bite.

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