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So being an artsy-fartsy kind of guy has its advantages. One, we can decorate our  abodes with awesome cheap stuff from second-hand stores, two we have cool prints on our walls, and three I have awesome friends who have created some fun fan art for Moth City.

Ladies and gentlemen, some sweet pictures from some talented fellows.

First up is Mr Paul Tobin, amazing concept artist and illustrator from Weta Workshop, he not only designed a some beautiful stuff for the Narnia films, he co-wrote the art of books. You can check out some of his awesome fantasy illustrations here, and have a look at his publishing project White Cloud Worlds.

Below is his painting of Miss Glitter McCaw.


Tom Robinson is a super talented, super-humble fellow who works in Wellington’s games industry. If you’ve played any of the great Pik Pok games on ios (Birdstrike is my fav) you’ve seen his work. Dude is a boss illustrator too, and you can see some of his wicked art at his blog.

Below is his great Dr Boyes sketch he did in front of my White Clouds Worlds book while we were signing them at a con.


Christian Pearce is possibly the most under appreciated lover in the modern world. He is also a great conceptual designer and tall person. He draws tank crabs, fighting bears and robots. If you have any sense of fun you should go to his blog and grin at his sweet doodles. I used to steal some of my best stuff from Christian when we worked together, but he’s also one of the reasons that I don’t really draw robots, I mean, why bother when he’s already cornered the market.

Here is his hilarious sketch of Governor McCaw.

And here it is after I’ve coloured it.


If you’d like to send in any MC related art, it would be my pleasure to recive them! Just contact me via Facebook, twitter or use the contact mail form at the bottom of every page.

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