Credit Where it’s Due

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By now, you might have taken the chance to look around. Hopefully you’ve noticed a few things.

Like how awesome this website is. That’s thanks to two great guys, Steven Holt (Design) and Mark Webster (Development). They share three things in common; Englishness, Tallness and Talentness.

To say that I own them a debt of gratitude is an understatement. I wanted this site to move in a different direction than its siblings in the digital comic community. I stole ideas from everyone. And what could have been a Frankenstein monster of parts, is instead a subtle, slender and stunning piece of design that lets the comic sit confidently in the spotlight.

You lovely readers can easily share comic pages, blog posts and videos that you like with your friends via Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Those who choose to become members, or ‘citizens,’ of Moth City are also able to bookmark their reading progress automatically, and across all devices, via their log-in, as well as comment and converse on all the content here. I highly recommend that you sign up for this, it’s free and everything.

All this is possible thanks to the commitment and help of those two friends, who have put up with my ambitions, kiwi accent and complete lack of budget.

Beautiful work guys, thanks.

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