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In a great bit of news, the fine folk at Comixology (one of the biggest apps in the universe) have selected Moth City for digital publication. The first issue came out today, and is available in HD for only 99c


So doing my obligatory ego-search revealed that the first issue was up on free-download sites within 24 hours of my last post. The idea of someone pirating a digital comic that is only .99c and is already available online for free is pretty funny – I mean, I considered torrenting this thing myself at some point, but thought it’d take some time to figure it all out and upload it.

I sure as hell would have valued the effort to do it at more than .99c

Maybe they were attracted to the book, maybe they just liked that I got Mark Waid to say “F@#k” in the intro, maybe they just have a program the scraps everything as it’s launched, I’m not sure. I am sure it’s not comixology’s fault.

If I sound flippant about it all, I guess that’s cause right now in my ‘career’ (my career comes with quotation marks which tells you something) I’m trying to reach as many readers as possible. The problem for new creators isn’t lost earnings, it’s obscurity. My opinion may change on that in the future, and I don’t begrudge creators who want their work paid for every time.

But I mean, I’m giving this stuff away for free (or damn cheap HD versions) anyway, and trying to get people to link to it and spread the word etc. This persons doing all that for me. I hope he/she has lots of friends.

There is something in the degrading of work, in our desperate need to be read, something a little ‘town-bike’ in the approach a lot of us webcomic people take. I can imagine the old newspaper cartoonists clustering around cake and coffee and talking about how we don’t ‘respect ourselves’ and that we will regret it all in later years. They might be right.

Or not.

I’m am a believer in the expanding-pie school of business. I would rather have a slice of a bigger pie and share it with others, than control 100% of my own pie that doesn’t make any money. I don’t think these metaphors are mixing well…

Anyway, if you wanna read Moth City you can do so here at my site, for free, if you wanna read it in HD with some extra content you can do that at comixology, and if you wanna download it from some other guy that link is here. (Warning some of these sites also have NSFW ads and are really hard to use for noobs without getting viruses etc)


I’m bringing you this post a little later than normal, because I spent my morning chatting their awesome podcasting team of Jake and Slim. I was a little nervous. I may have sworn, I definitely called Peter Jackson’s ‘Bad Taste,’ ‘Evil Dead’ which was a double fail, and I auto-corrected Slim when he said I was from Australia.

Other than that, it went great and I really enjoyed it. Heh.

The issue is the first half of season one, it’s about 30 pages of traditional comic or 168 of digital comic, and it looks gorgeous  You can buy it via your android or iOS comixology app or via their site here.

Here’s the link to listen to the podcast:
The Comixologist – 128 Tim Gibson on Moth City


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  1. mirnkaya

    Just stumbled upon your comic and site today, not even sure how – and it’s amazing. Especially with the comixology tech that preserves its digital,dynamic way of delivery. Only problem is – I really want to read on and only the first chapter is on comixology (though I see there is much Moreno your site). Do you have ETA for the other parts?