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  1. Tim

    Ohhhh, so close to finishing. This last batch was another set of pages that I finished early on in my Moth City adventure. The sequence changed a lot as I showed it to various people and tested the different reveals and ‘click’ techniques. This was where I learnt that very subtle facial expression changes were worse than no changes at all.

    What you’ve just read is a tidied up version of these experiments. Long may the learning continue.

    PS: only one update left… and it changes the whole direction of the story. See you next week.

    • Rye

      Man, this is amazing stuff. Very into it. I love China (or pseudo-China) as a setting, and the story you’ve told so far is totally engaging. Rock on man!

  2. erichsu

    Enjoying this a lot, though I’m not quite sure how to navigate inside the comic (e.g. back to a specific scene).

    One loose end still on my mind is the cryptic whisper by the chief scientist about how a plan was about to unfold. Was this plan cut (literally) short by the throat cutting? Or is the plan about to unfold in supernatural ways…?

    • Tim

      Hey, thanks erichsu. That is the problem with all these panel by panel things… it means that it is a pain if you want to double check something like that. Perhaps you could convince someone to do all your ‘clicking’ for half an hour or so ;)

      In regards to loose ends, the last thing you’d want is *me* telling you anything before time, but you’re more than welcome to speculate. Unless you got something right… In which case, please stop. Not that I’d tell you that you got something right… then everyone would know you got it.

      So, you know, speculate away ;)

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