Comic Page From Issue 5

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Hey y’all, just a quick note to say that issue 5 launches on Comixology next Wednesday (the 2nd of October).

You can check the MC page on Comixology via the banner above, as well as finding the Hi Res PDF at my store next week.

In other news, I partook in a long, not-safe-for-mum, but great interview with the Hideous Energy boys Austin and David. It was great to chat with them because I’ve listened to their show for a long time and they’ve got a great balance of companionable chatter, cussing and intelligent comic talk. Search for them in your itunes, or direct here (warning, it plays immediately and gets right to the filthy NSFW stuff before moving into Moth City and NZ comics talk).

The first preview went up on Multiversity comics, which you can read here, but meantime, here’s a look at part of the convoluted process I went through to create one of my favourite pages to date. This is from aforementioned issue 5. Enjoy.

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