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& Appearances, Comixology.

Well first up the second issue of Moth City is available on Comixology now! It has some of my favourite digital comic moments, some sweet action and boom-booms. (of course, if you wanna keep reading my comic for free, you can do that too, at the main page)

And in the physical realm, I am jet setting my way up to Auckland for my first (official) con appearance at Chromacon (Sunday May 12th, 9-5pm, Aotea Center, Free Entry).

I will be selling physical goods and ware not yet seen by the eyes or man. Come and ogle them. It is going to be a great day, head-honcho Allan has put together a sweet line up of talent – dare I say the best group of working kiwi illustrators and artists in one room – ever. Nice one.

I’ll also be joining a panel with the tall Dylan Horrocks, the funny Gregor Czaykowski and the talented Li Chen on the topic of Webcomics. It’s at 3:15>4:15. I will try not to make a poop joke. I may make a poop joke… but it won’t be at poop’s expense.

Still not sold?! Just look at the group of talented bastardos that are coming in this mega-splash image of talentedness below…



Sunday May 12th
Air NZ Foyer, Aotea Center, Auckland, NZ

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