Guest Post Over on Thrillbent

& Thrillbent.

Something special for this week’s blog post, a good ol’ fashioned switcharoo. This week it’s all happening at Thrillbent, and here it is: Digital – the Time is Now by yours truly.

I express my love of…
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Thrillbent, Baby!

& Comic Updates, Thrillbent.

I’ve always loved me some Thrilbent.

Great writers, amazing artwork and design, and a dedication to trying something new with the classic medium of comics. So I’m super excited to tell you that…
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Thumbnailing the Hard Way

& Creation, Thrillbent.

Short post this week, as this Monday is the last post of Season 2 pages and I’ll be blogging then too. Meantime, I ramble a bit and post images from my script and thumbing process (some spoilers). It’s…
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A Digital Comics Taster

& Bookclub, Thrillbent.

Despite my fears from last week’s blog, news coming off the back of San Diego Comic Con is that digital sales are climbing steadily. Comixology claims to have sold over 180 million comics, and its sales…
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Review Catch Up

& Appearances, Thrillbent.

Sometimes writing a blog once a week just isn’t enough… Take this week for instance, swiftly after doddling up some double-fan-art of my own, I realised that A) I have a whole bunch of reviewers and…
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