A project to break your heart

& Creation, Ranty.

Heck, it’s been a while.

I’ve been all-in on a great animation gig over the last few months which is why the blog posts have been happening with such irregularity. Awesome project though; I was…
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What’s Wrong with Webcomics?

& Creation, Ranty.

If you’ve being following my brain explosions so far you’ve read that I believe digital comics could achieve the breadth and success of the Pulp Era with new digital delivery systems and the cheaper…
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Does Comic Art Matter?

& Creation, Ranty.

Two of the world’s biggest companies have recently revealed their latest magnum-opus’s: the PS4 and the Xbox One. They do good graphics. Gigabits were mentioned.  Some idiot even went on Jimmy…
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Seduction of the Ignorant

& Ranty.

So there are a lot of reasons why comics are still considered children’s stories. A lot of that is due to the fact that our parents treated them as such. In a lot of ways, the world of comics that our…
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Women in Geekdom

& Ranty, Women.

[caveat - I'm unqualified to discus the below, but it's a subject I'm learning more about]

I’m not sure if it’s the psychological trick of Perceptual Vigilance or momentum, but there’s some…
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