Comics for Schools

& Creation, New Zealand.

As most of you will know, 2014 is 100 years after the commencement of World War I. New Zealand was a nation influenced by the vigour of the still burgeoning British Empire, the isolation of islanders and…
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A project to break your heart

& Creation, Ranty.

Heck, it’s been a while.

I’ve been all-in on a great animation gig over the last few months which is why the blog posts have been happening with such irregularity. Awesome project though; I was…
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Comic Page From Issue 5

& Comixology, Creation.

Hey y’all, just a quick note to say that issue 5 launches on Comixology next Wednesday (the 2nd of October).

You can check the MC page on Comixology via the banner above, as well as finding the Hi Res…
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Fear the Future!

& Creation.

The last four weeks have seen some pretty epic comic blogging going on. 

Like a three act play (with midpoint) I introduced the backdrop ‘What if we made digital the new pulp to expand comic…
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What’s Wrong with Webcomics?

& Creation, Ranty.

If you’ve being following my brain explosions so far you’ve read that I believe digital comics could achieve the breadth and success of the Pulp Era with new digital delivery systems and the cheaper…
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Thumbnailing the Hard Way

& Creation, Thrillbent.

Short post this week, as this Monday is the last post of Season 2 pages and I’ll be blogging then too. Meantime, I ramble a bit and post images from my script and thumbing process (some spoilers). It’s…
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Birthday Videos

& Creation.

So it’s my birthday and I’m away on a little holiday, which means that I wrote this in the past, on my actual birthday. Because this blog will be up for a week that  also means that my birthday is over 7…
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