Comic Updates


Thrillbent, Baby!

& Comic Updates, Thrillbent.

I’ve always loved me some Thrilbent.

Great writers, amazing artwork and design, and a dedication to trying something new with the classic medium of comics. So I’m super excited to tell you that…
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& Comic Updates, HD.

Some very interesting stuff has been happening over the last few months.

It’s good news for you, and it’s also good news for me.  You’ll be able to read Moth City in glorious HD and read a bit…
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Season 2 Preview

& Comic Updates.

UPDATE:  To start reading ‘Season 2’ of Moth City, click on the SEASONS button near the comic pages, and then select ‘SEASON 2’ as shown below. Please note that (for now) this will move your…
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The Season 1 Finale!

& Comic Updates, Creation.

So we’ve done it – the end of Season 1. We’ve had a bit of murder, a side of car-chase, a dish of cool intrigue, a chaser of Daddy issues.

And there’s so much more to come in the story, as the…
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Resolutions One

& Comic Updates, Creation.

My overarching ambition this year is to get more readers, to get the word spread, to infect the internet (in the nicest possible way) with my story. And I’m hoping a combination of FREE and YOU is going…
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