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Well I hoping you have been enjoying the first few weeks of Moth City. In tech circles you’d be called the Early Adopters.

Hopefully one day someone will send you a link to and you can be all “Oh, I’ve been reading that comic for months. I’ve always respected the way it recontextualises the dystopian revisions of pseudo-oriental politics within the very gamut of western pulp art history… [puffs on smoking pipe carved from rare dolphin bone] Don’t you?”

You know you want to say that. You probably don’t want to suck on a dolphin bone pipe, but I think that comes with the territory.

Anyway, (as always) thanks for continuing to check out the site, and sharing it with all the smart people you know will dig it. There’s obviously no massive media machine paying for trailers in front of the Hobbit, or buying ads in the New Yorker. There’s really just me, my free comic, and youguys sharing it with your networks. Go-go-internet!

In terms of the story that you’ve read so far, we’re starting to see some of the threads pulling together. Things are going to come to a head before they blow apart again. This week we saw a bit more of the lovely but downtrodden Glitter McCaw, having possibly the worst possible introduction to Major ‘hard-ass‘ Hong. That guy is such a prick.

Coming next week we have quite a big upload. It includes some of the first material I wrote for Moth City that has somehow survived my rewriting process, which I liken to putting all my scenes in a cage before throwing in a knife and a shotgun.

It’ll be the best dystopian revision of pseudo-oriental politics you read this December.

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