Bring on 2014

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Well, we’re back for another year and if 2014 is near as good as 2013 it’s going to be epic. So much happened in 2013, I got so much support from you, my readers, and industry creators, reviewers and press and the fine people who run places like Thrillbent, Armageddon Expo and Comixology.

Humbling. A friend asked me to write a blurb for their comic today, which is weird. I mean, I know that 99.9 percent of people who see that blurb will be all ‘who the f*ck is Tim Gibson, and why does he misuse comas’ – but it’s still fun to be asked. I’ve also been given some truly awesome artwork from friends and fellow artists to go in the backs of Moth City’s digital issues – some of which you’ve seen, and some of which I’m saving for later issues. Beautiful work, beautiful people. Everybody helps out.

One of the coolest things actually happened while I was away on my New Zealand vacation (more about that soon). Comixology, who just announced they have sold over 6 Billion comic book pages included me in their Best of 2013 comics list.

I mean, look at those names that are surrounding me like dazzling gods. I feel a little like the cleaner who got invited to the fancy Oscar after party and amidst stolen glances at Jennifer Lawernce, is constantly frowning at that smudge on his (Too wide?? Too thin?) tie.

Ah, imposter syndrome, I know you well. Thank god Dylan Horrocks told me about that before I experienced it first-hand.

It’s ok though – I was able to calm my nerves with alcohol and sun shine. Because unlike those poor saps in North America, we had a lovely warm Christmas and New Year’s down this end of the world. Just for shits and giggles I’m posting some images from the South Island, where I spent most of my time.

I should warn you that my below description of my holiday does in no way reflect my day-to-day life of keyboard hunching, public transport and flat whites (look it up, it’s Kiwi’s gift to coffee).

I rode a bike. A lot, like for 40 Kilometres (look it up, it’s like Miles, but better) a day for four days. I drank Pinot Noir and ate cherries and looked at pretty hills. I hurt my knees. I mucked out horses. Two of them. Rural, eh? I tussled with one particular cranky one who has horsey diabetes (don’t look it up, just trust me), was on a strict diet and had to have his feet scrapped clean by an amateur like me.  I planted fruit trees and dug holes. I got a blister.

It’s New Zealand, so I probably also got a low dose of skin cancer, but that’s ok, I can take it.

Bring on 2014.

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