Boom – Welcome to Moth City.

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It’s been an amazing week. A whole bunch of you good folk have come to check out the trailer and to register. A lot of you have shared the trailer with your friends (thanks!). Some people even wrote ridiculously nice things about Moth City on their blogs.

And now the comic is launched. I’ve been looking forward to this forever. I got up at 5am to do this thing. And that was after going to the Black Keys gig last night (cartoonists are our generations hardlivin’ rockstar authors, you know).

Big thanks again to Creative New Zealand who have given me funding to bring this to the internets (both of them). And big love to the web team, Steven Holt and Mark Webster – they’ve done an amazing job on nothing but the occasional drink and piece of tech (why outsource when Englishmen do stuff for booze?).  Much love to my understanding fiancé, who has put up with my crank-state this last week. And mum and dad, for encouraging the storyteller in me.

And if I’m going on like I’ve bloody won something, forgive me. But getting this thing even *this far* has been epic. Just wait to see what happens next…

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