Books have Fans – Comics have Fanatics

& Ranty.

I recently went to a big pop-culture con in NZ. It was filled with freaks and geeks of the best kind. I obviously snuck well under fanboy radars, and honestly had no idea what 90% of the audience there was all-out into.

I think some read a type of Japanese comics called ‘magma’ or something. People were dressed up as volcanoes and such, the whole place smelt of black jeans and baking soda.

But, importantly, they were all fans… they were fanatical.

They’re fans who aren’t afraid to wholly commit to fictional worlds in the same way that authors do. I have friends who read ‘literature’ – (which always seems to have quotes around it). They like it (I do too). Sometimes they love it. But they would never dress up as a character from it …

Sidenote – imagine if they did:
Me: “Who are you supposed to be?”
Him: “I’m dressed as Jonathan Safran Foer from ‘Everything is Illuminated’.”
Me: “The jewish character that also shares the name with the real writer of the book?”
Him: “Yeah, but I’m dressed as the character, not the author.” 
Me: “You just look like a guy.”
Him: “Yeah?”
Me: “Yeah, not even really a jewish guy.”
Him: “Oh. And who are you supposed to be?”
Me: “Han.fucking.Solo.” 

And if they ever meet a favourite author I bet they’d be cool about it. Act unimpressed.

Comic book fans aren’t ‘cool’ at all, especially not in the ‘distant personality’ meaning – they’re no-holds-barred fanatical. You have to respect that, ‘though I admit I’m scared of it at the same time.

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