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What comics or novels have you enjoyed recently?

Moth City has been gathering a great collection of readers and fans, from all over the world, and from many different persuasions and genres. So, I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading recently.

Here’s my recent kindle-ipad-library reading list:

Elmore Leonard, ‘Pronto’ – You can read anything by Leonard, he is without doubt, the best writer of dialogue and characters since Raymond Chandler, with all the economy and understatement of Hemingway. Crime, Novel.

Richard Bissell, ‘7 ½ Cents’ (1953) – A surprising good novel about a labour strike in a Pyjama factory in the 1950s…. I know, I know. But it describes characters like this: “The poor boy would never see fifty again, had got shott up in World War One and was saddled with an aged mother, and had gone the distance for thirty years with the bottle.” Drama, Novel.

Kurtis Wiebe and Riley Rossomo, ‘Greenwake’ – Described by the writers as a Twin Peaksesque horror mystery, Greenwake has some good lines and intriguing events and explores a small town trapped between the gaps of reality. Comic (series of 10), available in web form here.

Cameron Stewart, ‘Sin Titulo’ – Another mystery comic, filled with sugbtle cliffhangers and dream sequences. It’s good, REAL good. I started reading it at 6AM and didn’t stop till I had read every page Stewart had made from June 2007 til today. Coming out in hardback at some point, available online here.

What are some recent reads of yours?

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