Resolutions Two

& Ranty.

Last week I mentioned how I wanted to entertain, surprise and disgust more readers.

One of the best ways of doing that of course is advertising. The second way is bribery. I’m not sure which one is…
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Resolutions One

& Comic Updates, Creation.

My overarching ambition this year is to get more readers, to get the word spread, to infect the internet (in the nicest possible way) with my story. And I’m hoping a combination of FREE and YOU is going…
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Rivals and Resolutions

& Uncategorized.

People all over the globe are writing lists. “What do I need to get under control’ lists. Sometime its ambitions that move us forward (career), sometimes it’s stopping and retrieving baggage that…
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Holidays for the Hard-Up

& Bookclub, Ranty.

Welcome to the holiday hangover. The Commercial Come-down. Hopefully by now you have tidied away all that wrapping paper, those plastic nic-naks and the vast quantities of food and can get down to…
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All Comic Creators Are Insane

& Ranty.

Moth City has taken a long time to arrive. Every line of dialogue has probably been changed 3 times over, every mustache angsted over. And that was after I knew for certain that it would exist, for…
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Things Are Heating Up

& Comic Updates.

Thanks for stopping by and having another peak at Moth City. If you’re having to start the comic from the first page every time you should really register at the top of the navigation bar – look for…
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Cage Fighting Comics

& Comic Updates.

Well I hoping you have been enjoying the first few weeks of Moth City. In tech circles you’d be called the Early Adopters.

Hopefully one day someone will send you a link to and you can…
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