Making the Moth City II

& Creation.

Last time, I was terrified by the costs of vinyl toys, and excited by the potential of an animated series, this week I fly the coop, change my world and get writing.

During this period I was sneaking…
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Making the Moth City I

& Creation.

Those of you who have trawled through Moth City’s facebook page may have seen some of the shadowy origins of Moth City. I’m going to elaborate on them here, in a short series about the creation of…
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You and You and You

& Uncategorized.

I find website analytics fascinating. You can’t glean the kind of information that marketers think is important  (age, race, religion, pimply/non-pimply), but it’s a nice way of learning more about…
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Season 2 Preview

& Comic Updates.

UPDATE:  To start reading ‘Season 2’ of Moth City, click on the SEASONS button near the comic pages, and then select ‘SEASON 2’ as shown below. Please note that (for now) this will move your…
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The Season 1 Finale!

& Comic Updates, Creation.

So we’ve done it – the end of Season 1. We’ve had a bit of murder, a side of car-chase, a dish of cool intrigue, a chaser of Daddy issues.

And there’s so much more to come in the story, as the…
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Seduction of the Ignorant

& Ranty.

So there are a lot of reasons why comics are still considered children’s stories. A lot of that is due to the fact that our parents treated them as such. In a lot of ways, the world of comics that our…
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Women in Geekdom

& Ranty, Women.

[caveat - I'm unqualified to discus the below, but it's a subject I'm learning more about]

I’m not sure if it’s the psychological trick of Perceptual Vigilance or momentum, but there’s some…
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Device = Format = Storytelling?

& Creation.

We can presume what effects tablets have had on comics readers. I’ve read a heck of a lot more comics since I got one. Heck, last year, Comixology sold more than 25 Million comics via their app…
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