Issue Four Review Round Up

& Reviews.

Wowzers. The past week has been so much fun that I’m dropping Zs next to Wows like some sort of 90s sitcom character. What would make me exclaim in such a stupid way? Well, just read on and check out the…
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Thumbnailing the Hard Way

& Creation, Thrillbent.

Short post this week, as this Monday is the last post of Season 2 pages and I’ll be blogging then too. Meantime, I ramble a bit and post images from my script and thumbing process (some spoilers). It’s…
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A Digital Comics Taster

& Bookclub, Thrillbent.

Despite my fears from last week’s blog, news coming off the back of San Diego Comic Con is that digital sales are climbing steadily. Comixology claims to have sold over 180 million comics, and its sales…
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Six Classic Comics Artists I Heart

& Bookclub.

Last week I covered modern comic artists that I’m digging and who will (one day) inevitably effect my own comic styling. This week I’m reaching into my image research archives and dragging up some of my…
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Six Modern Comics Artists I Heart

& Bookclub.

I’m always interested in hearing which artists other artists like, so here are six of my modern-day favourites. If you’re not following these people online or buying their fine wares at your local comic…
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Birthday Videos

& Creation.

So it’s my birthday and I’m away on a little holiday, which means that I wrote this in the past, on my actual birthday. Because this blog will be up for a week that  also means that my birthday is over 7…
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