Birthday Videos

& Creation.

So it’s my birthday and I’m away on a little holiday, which means that I wrote this in the past, on my actual birthday. Because this blog will be up for a week that ¬†also means that my birthday is over 7 days long. I expect presents every day people – every day.

Anyway, I think there’s some sort of blogger rule that says you don’t have to write more that 5 minutes of material on your special day, so instead I’m going to link to some videos I created that show how I go about creating Moth City. It’s kinda like when your teacher had a hangover and she just slowly rolls that DVD player outta the cupboard o’ shame before putting her head down on her desk.

That said, rest assured that the videos took more than 5 minutes to create. Here they be:


PS: if you missed last weeks interview with Scott Kurtz, you can find that here.

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