Comics for Schools

& Creation, New Zealand.

As most of you will know, 2014 is 100 years after the commencement of World War I. New Zealand was a nation influenced by the vigour of the still burgeoning British Empire, the isolation of islanders and…
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A project to break your heart

& Creation, Ranty.

Heck, it’s been a while.

I’ve been all-in on a great animation gig over the last few months which is why the blog posts have been happening with such irregularity. Awesome project though; I was…
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Issue Six Review Round Up

& Comixology, Reviews.

UPDATE: I’m away for NZ summer holiday, so the next comic update will be happening on the Monday the 13th of January. Meantime, have a read of the lovely reviews below (new additions from Destroy the…
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Issue 6 is out next week

& Comixology.

Just a quick update to let y’all know that issue 6 of Moth City will be out next week (Wednesday the 4th of December) over at Comixology and on our own store. If you’re a Comixology reader now would be a…
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Guest Post Over on Thrillbent

& Thrillbent.

Something special for this week’s blog post, a good ol’ fashioned switcharoo. This week it’s all happening at Thrillbent, and here it is: Digital – the Time is Now by yours truly.

I express my love of…
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Thrillbent, Baby!

& Comic Updates, Thrillbent.

I’ve always loved me some Thrilbent.

Great writers, amazing artwork and design, and a dedication to trying something new with the classic medium of comics. So I’m super excited to tell you that…
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