All Comic Creators Are Insane

& Ranty.

Moth City has taken a long time to arrive. Every line of dialogue has probably been changed 3 times over, every mustache angsted over. And that was after I knew for certain that it would exist, for real, on a screen. Most importantly, I had to get it out of my head and into yours.

People joke about painters or sculptors being a bit batshit, but as someone who draws as well as writes I can tell you, no one is as card-carrying-crazy as a writer. And I’m not talking awkward wallflower at party crazy, I’m talking about spending hours creating a horrible way to kill someone who only exists in their head.

Think about that, I spent about seven years creating people in my brain, giving them goals and ambitions. I’ve made them fall in love with each other, then torn them apart, then started all over again. I’ve done this when I could have been playing xbox. You might think that playing with these little pretend people in your head for that long shows tenacity, but it actually shows fear.

Because if you don’t eventually write that stuff down for someone else to read you’re basically a clinical case. I had to get to this point. There was no other choice; it would be insane to stop.

I don’t know if every writer would feel the same way about it. But don’t listen to them; they’re all nuts.


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  1. BenP

    Writing for me is like how I used to set up ‘elaborate’ plot lines for my G.I.Joe’s. Did it more for ‘play’ – but it was always satisfying to see the story evolve as my brothers would join me and take on the eternal themes of the Goodies overcoming those darned Baddies once more.

  2. Tim

    Heh, me and my brother used to crank the GI Joe battles too, we even filmed them. It inevitably ended with us using fireworks as their weapons and melting them horribly into the deck. Hopefully my storytelling has advanced beyond that eh, Ben :)

  3. Tim

    Yeah Tommy, you would be able to use every blockbuster movie character that’s every been Happy Meal’d > which would be handy, cause the Hamburgler is not the most intimidating baddie.

  4. sHr0oMaN

    I’m liking the story, the pacing and the art. Although I wish the art was a little bigger, my eye-sight not being what it once was.

    • Tim

      Hey Shrooman (great name), I’m glad you like it. I get anxious about the pace sometimes. Stories are often front-loaded with setup at the start, but at least in the cinema the audience is there for the long haul, no distractions. Online comics compete against the entire internet for readers attention.

      I’m actively looking at options off-site alternatives to provide higher resolution art. I’ll send something out to the mailing list when I’ve got something.