A Western in Black, White and Blood

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I’ve always had a thing for cowboys. Not like a sexy thing, just, you know, just a thing-thing.

I think it appeals to what a modern man needs in his life. Life stripped to its basest elements of food, shelter, and the touch of a good woman, all combined with adventure. Sounds alright. Sounds like a genre worthy of my questionable talents…

Fiction always points us to the extremes of this mantasy, the cartoonish Cowboys and Indians, the desolation and grit of a lonely wanderer. The weird space in between which is the classic ‘Kung Fu’ tv series.

If you’re like me, you probably edge towards the darker end of the genre, the desolate landscapes of Leone or Peckinpah, the twisted characters of Deadwood. Perhaps the nasty characters of Django Unchained.

Moth City’s Governor McCaw is another despicable fellow. He grew from my story’s antagonist to a character that encompasses all the dark parts of the story. He’s a controlling father, a ruthless businessman, and a tough son of a bitch. He’s a man out of his time, forcing his will onto those around him.

In other words he’s the perfect cowboy. And I have a bit of a thing for him.

So as a gift to this horrible human being, this blight on the lives of those around him, I am giving him a back story. A Moth City Western, called ‘The Reservoir.’

It is set in the early twentieth century. The last parts of Texas are being sliced up to supply oil for a thirsty world. War is brewing in Europe. And a younger McCaw attempts to build a life for himself and his family.

It doesn’t go well. In fact, you could say everything goes to hell.

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover.

Preview of 'The Reservoir' cover

I’ll let you know how you can read it soon.


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    • admin

      I toyed with the idea of giving him the fall from grace story ala Two-Face in the Dark Knight film, but I figured a man like McCaw would always be a bit ‘off’ and it was just a question of what it would take to reveal it. – Tim