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Despite my fears from last week’s blog, news coming off the back of San Diego Comic Con is that digital sales are climbing steadily. Comixology claims to have sold over 180 million comics, and its sales trajectory is increasing.

It also doesn’t seem to be having any downside for the physical retail sales which are holding steady.

Now most of the comics included above are stock-standard comics, the backbone of the medium for forever, but digitally they’re the equivalent of scans that you might have found on torrent sites for the last ten years or so. However, a few of them, like Moth City are built just for digital. Here are a few interesting and important digital-native comics


Red Light Properties

Dan Goldman started RLP (about a man who deals in Haunted Real Estate) in 2010, publishing it online. It has since been picked up by Digital publisher Monkeybrain comics and is available on Comixology.



By Alex de Campi and Christine Larsen, Valentine (A supernatural take on the Napoleon’s retreat from Russia)uses a whole bag of formatting tricks and is available (for free) in 14 languages and has tracked over 350,000 downloads. Wowzers.


About Digital Comics

French illustrator and animator, Yves “Balak” Bigerel does some fine, fine work and is one of the biggest influences in digital comics due to his understanding of timing, humour and motion. You can also check out some of his other experiments at Thrillbent like Cthulhu Calls.



Thrillbent showcases The Eighth Seal (a political horror thriller with many-a-twist) and Insufferable (a crime fight duo with issues). James Tynion IV, Jeremy Rock and Nolan Woodard have been hitting creeping horror out of the park over at Thrillbent.com using timing and transitions within frames to full effect. Nolan again takes colouring duties on Thrillbent’s launch title Insufferable written by Mark Waid and Illustrated by Peter Krause.

Thrillbent collects some of their offerings under their Comixology banner here.


Batman 66

Batman 66 (that I’m totally not scared of) has been racking up the downloads, largely due to some slick story telling, a marquee character and #$!@-ton of press. Includes some very nice work by Jeff Parker on typewriter and Jonathan Case on art.


Power Play

Power Play starting coming out in 2011 and was one of the first (maybe the first?) digital native comics on Comixology. A youthful, energetic comic that collides superpowers with extreme sports, it’s the work of Kurt Christenson on writing and Reilly Brown on art. You can find it on Comixology here.


Madefire Comics

Madefire Comics has their own app that pairs comics with animation, sound FX and music. You can checkout a free preview of one of their works by Des Taylor The Trouble With Katie Rogers (A ‘sassy’ NYC publicist).



Scrollon comics has recently launched with an app wherein- you scroll sideways through stories which looks pretty interesting, though as yet I don’t know much about it.


Did I miss any?

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